Our story


Hello! I'm Olli, the maker, artisan, and designer of our jewelry.

Every pair of earrings is handmade by me in Lachine, Quebec. While I handle the crafting and design aspects, my husband assists me in managing shipments and other logistical aspects of our business.

When it comes to making polymer clay earrings, our process involves several steps. Firstly, I carefully select high-quality polymer clay in various colors. Then, I use different shape cutters to create unique designs, paying close attention to details and precision. The earrings are then cured in the oven to achieve durability and strength.

After curing, I sand and polish each earring to ensure a smooth and flawless finish. Depending on the design, I might add additional embellishments such as beads or metallic accents. Finally, the earrings are assembled with hypoallergenic earring posts or hooks, ready to be worn and enjoyed.

We take pride in creating handmade products that are made with care and attention to detail.

Our earrings are proudly made in Canada, in our studio in Lachine, Quebec.